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Gift Shop

Our gift shop is bustling  gifts and toys at pocket-money prices suitable for the younger visitor, in addition to our range of toys we also stock a great selection of children’s’ books.  A visit to the gift shop can be the perfect way to end your visit to the farm and to even treat yourself or someone else to a souvenir of your day with us.There are plenty of gifts and toys to choose from, we even have something for the grown-ups- local produce including our ‘Cottage Delight’ pickles.

If you’re planning to hold a birthday party at Broomey Croft Farm, the gift shop can give plenty ideas for your party bags. In fact, if you take advantage of our party bag service, we’ll even make up the bags for you- filling each party bags with little gifts and surprises which children will love.

Just contact us to find out more. If you’re visiting the farm as part of a large group, please only enter the shop a few at a time to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort.