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About Us

Situated in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside Broomey Croft Farm has a range of wonderful attractions and first-rate facilities. Besides The Granary Tea Room and our gift shop we also have everything you need for a great day out, from a large free car park, play areas and an undercover picnic area- just in case it rains!

At Broomey Croft Farm we pride ourselves on our excellent approach to cleanliness and safety at our farm which is why we have a range of hand-washing facilities throughout the farm, all of which use warm water. Also, in the interests of Health and Safety we restrict animals in public areas.  We strive to make sure that our farm is clean safe and of course fun!

Of course, the main attraction at Broomey Croft Farm is the animals and we have many of them. From the usual animals you expect to find on a farm all the way to smaller domesticated animals such as guinea pigs and rabbits. All of our animals are picked for their docile and friendly natures so you can even feed them by hand.

Broomey  Cross Farm can provide a fun-filled day out for the whole of the family within the heart of the countryside.